Two Great Benefits of Buying a New Home

We’ve talked a lot in our blog about the benefits of buying a new home. From energy efficiency benefits, to a brand new warranty, to getting the design and features you want, there are lots of benefits of buying a new home that come up pretty frequently in these kinds of discussions.

At the same time, there are plenty of benefits of buying a new home that aren’t brought up as frequently, but are just as important to factor into your decision-making process. That’s why in this week’s blog, we’re going to discuss some of the less talked about benefits of buying a new home.


Ah, that new home smell.

Benefits of Buying a New Home

Better Energy Layout

Modern life requires a lot of energy in the home. Appliances and things like computers, phones, and TVs need outlets. Fortunately, homes have become much more energy efficient. But in addition to energy efficiency, new homes have a much better energy layout than older homes.

What do we mean by this? Simply put, there are plenty of outlets in new homes. That’s because home builders know that people need access to outlets in a lot of places, so they incorporate them throughout the design of the house.

Older homes on the other hand usually have fewer outlets in fewer spots. This is because the energy demands of older homes weren’t as significant as they are now. So in a new home, you won’t have to worry about having enough power for all of your appliances, or stretching a cord from a distant outlet to where you want it.

That New Home Feel

There’s something intangible about being the first owner of a new home that makes it feel like the home is really yours. Just like the new car smell, that new home feel is something that can’t be quantified, but is such a big part of the appeal of a new home. With a new home and the land you own are a blank slate where you can make a life with your family.

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