FAQ When Considering Building a Home

Q. What are the main advantages to building new versus buying an existing home?

A. Quite a few. We have the luxury and gift of living in one of the most innovative lands in the world. Each and every day new technologies are being applied to the building process that insures more efficient, cost effective methods in building and better, cleaner, greener, architecture that delivers a superior product in your home. Consider this… buy a 10 year old home and your 10 years behind the game missing out on all of the latest innovation, not only technical, but lifestyle and enjoyment in your home as well.

Q. What is the time frame in building?

A. 6 months, plus or minus. The benefit of the Lifetime Series Homes is that there is already a wide range of predetermined architecture so that exhaustive process is already taken care of. Typically this can save 2 to 3 months in the full process and a lot of headaches.

Q. If I do not have own a home site, what are the resources available to seek the idea site?

A. Many. Everyone has an awareness of the saying "location, location, location." This is such a critical element in considering a home. The Lifetime Series Homes Program has a multi-faceted approach that is very comprehensive and works as follows. We have a 4 tier program to identify the widest range of potential home sites. (i) Lifetime Series Homes and Mueller Homes has an inventory of lots that we have personally identified and in some instances has taken ownership. (ii) We have long term relationships with other builders and developers that might have home sites available for sale that could not be easily determined under normal searches. (iii) We have processes that monitor minor and major subdivision applications in the local municipalities. This is property that, although might not currently be on the market, in all likelihood shortly will be. (iv) Lastly, we have an exclusive relationship with a group of real estate professionals that provide real time access to conventionally multiple listed home sites. Best of all, we provide a no cost, no obligation 24/7 computerized search tool/program that allows you to set your search parameters and be notified real time of new and existing properties that meets your search criteria.

Q. Once I identify a home site, are there factors that must be taken into consideration before I commit to buy?

A. So many, and they must all be considered. This is one of the most critical elements of the Lifetime Series Program, and we take it seriously. We provide extensive consultation regarding the consideration of the build-ability and costs associated with a home site one identified as the one. The cost and attributes in building on a particular lot can vary widely due to the "only of its kind" nature of land. Consider these questions (and there are more)… Will the topography match well with my tastes and intended architecture? Which way does the sun move across the house to promote ideal natural lighting? Does the home site conform to outdoor living goals (deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, pool, sports amenities, etc.)? What is the availability of utilities and associated costs (water/sewer, private or public, gas, electric, cable, high speed internet, etc.)? What are the impacts of special clearing and grading, balance of dirt, soils conditions, etc.? Are there any special environmental considerations? Are there extraordinary permit or public facilities fees associated with a particular home site that will impact cost of timing in the building process? We have very specific processes to educate you on these and other considerations that are critical in determining the right spot to build.

Q. Are there special financing options and loan qualifying considerations in building a new home?

A. Yes, and this could be a critical element. Financing methods related to new construction can vary in comparison to conventional home financing. This means that there are options that might permit you to start the process of building even in advance of selling your existing home. The Lifetime Series Homes Program has identified what we feel are some of the most innovative and creative organizations in providing such options. We encourage visitation to our Financing section of this site where we provide special tools to assist in flushing out questions and making determinations related to financing. Further, in our Financing section we provide an introduction and contact information to key lenders in the construction-permanent financing realm.

Q. Do I need to provide my own architectural drawings and house plans?

A. No, not necessary. The Lifetime Series features numerous plans that include 2 story architecture, ranchers, capes, first floor masters, and more.

Q. Are there opportunities to customize plans and alter fit and finish of my home?

A. Absolutely, and there should be. You have one opportunity to get it right. Therefore you should align with a builder that has systems that (i) encourages consideration of all features and benefits in your new home, (ii) can clearly provide the cost associated with those options and (iii) has a willingness to deliver those desired and necessary features. The Lifetime Series Homes by design provides standard fit and finishes that meet most needs in addition to the highest level of quality and most modern and efficient building methods and techniques.

Q. How do I determine if my builder has the proper qualifications reputation?

A. There are many factors. With such a critical and important investment, they should all be considered… length of time in business, qualifications of personnel, systems and operations, policies and procedures, communicative skills, flexibility necessary to provide fit and finishes in the home just the way you need them, and more. Reputation, quality and workmanship can be determined by discussion with past building clients. Builders should maintain membership with local and nations building associations and actively participate in these organizations. Builders should have long term warranty programs and affiliations that will permit for inquiry pertaining to track record and reputation.

Q. Are there any hidden costs to determine the feasibility of building a new home in lieu of buying existing?

A. No. Because the Lifetime Series Homes program features a range of predetermined quality architecture, there are no design fees, consultation fees or costs associated with generating a full set of working architectural drawings. This can save you between $5000 and $8000 in up-front costs.

Q. What is the first step in the building process?

A. Developing a solid plan. So many factors determine the ideal transition to a new home… location (location & location!!), attributes of the home site, a house design the perfectly meets the family’s needs, special features and benefits, financing options that have a 30 year impact, personal considerations like schools, geographic’s, commute times, safety, etc. The ideal scenario is to be able to develop a solid plan that flushes out points to consider in a comprehensive planning meeting series. This is what is automatically provided in the Lifetime Series Homes Program.

Q. Is your builder published?

A. Could be. The principals of Mueller Homes, creators of the Lifetime Series Homes so strongly believe in the concept of proper planning that they wrote a hard cover book on the matter. If you would like to obtain a copy, simply click here and we can arrange to have one forwarded to you FREE of charge. Building a Quality Custom Home… What You Need to Know.

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