"Your team did a great job during every phase of the project while your professionalism and dedication to insuring every thing was going just right became apparent to us throughout the project. I know you can be proud of the craftsmanship and attention to detail that is evidenced by the finished house. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication to delivering a first class home."
Tom & Barbara B.
"We would like to thank you and tell you how pleased we are with your company. The house you built for us is our dream house and we had planned this project for many years. We heard horror stories from friends regarding contractors and the problems that arise during the building of custom built homes. You made our dream come true and you made the project a very pleasant and painless experience."
Joe & Judy P.
"We sincerely thank you for the building of our new home. It wasn’t just the workmanship which was excellent, but you and your staff made us feel that it was important that we were happy in our new home. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Does that seem a bit redundant? Well, it’s hard not to repeat ourselves when our thanks are so abundant!"
Jacque & Gladys T.
"When we decided to build a custom home, many friends warned us of the pitfalls of dealing with custom builders. Since then, we discovered that none of these people could have dealt with a highly professional builder like Mueller Homes. We found that with your expertise and help, building a custom home was educational and enjoyable. Your professional guidance, constant effort to keep our house ahead of schedule and relentless dedication resulted with us being a highly satisfied customer of Mueller Homes."
Joseph & Stephanie C.