How to Find a New Home Lot in Maryland Faster

Are you searching for a new home lot in Maryland? Finding a lot on which to build your new home isn’t easy. It can be a time-consuming process, and few people have the time to find the lot they want when they want it. If you want to find your new home lot in Maryland faster and more efficiently, lot search assistance from Lifetime Series Homes can help.

Lot Search Assistance in Maryland: Find your Lot Faster

Our lot search assistance tool is designed to help you find the new home lot in Maryland that you’ve been searching for. With our experience in and knowledge of the real estate industry in Maryland, we have access to lot opportunities that those outside of the industry are not aware of or would not be able to find on their own. We utilize all of our resources and network to bring you more than 2,000 homesites in the area in which we build, which is central Maryland. This means a huge range of lots to choose from, one of which is bound to be the right lot for you.

How does the lot search assistance process work?

First, fill out our lot search assistance form. One of our team members will follow up with you within 24 hours to further narrow down your search criteria. This includes factors such as location, budget, lot size, and lot characteristics. Once we’ve got a good handle on exactly what it is you’re looking forward, we’re ready to begin the search.

We plug in your parameters to our database and provide you with a list of home lots in Maryland that meet your criteria, updating them as new lots become available. We also give you access to this tool so you can search home lots on your own. The system can send you automated daily emails with updates as they are made available.

Once you’ve found the lot that is right for you, we begin vetting the home site. This is the process of determining the costs associated with building on this particular lot. These costs are tied to the lots physical characteristics, access to utilities, etc., and can vary greatly.

Once the lot has been vetted, our team uses market data to determine a fair market price. We then help prepare the contract and work through negotiations with you, resulting in your purchase of the lot. Congratulations! You’ve just found your new home lot in Maryland with the help of lot search assistance from Lifetime Series Homes.

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About the Lifetime Series Homes by Mueller Homes

The Lifetime Series Homes by Mueller Homes are a series of semi-custom house designs that were created with the intention of providing home buyers with a new option when it comes to shopping for a home. The Lifetimes series includes 14 home templates including, 2 story, first floor master, and ranchers that are pre-designed and ready to build. Because they are ready to build, clients save significant time and money that would have gone into designing a custom home, yet with the Lifetime Series by Muller Homes, clients still get the build quality, attention to detail, and communication that comes with working with a custom home builder. We serve the central Maryland area, and also provide assistance with lot acquisition, evaluation, and home buying finance. Keep up with us on our blog as well as on FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest and YouTube.

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