Why Should Your New Home Be a Semi-Custom Home in Maryland?

Are you thinking about moving? Maybe even building your own home? If you’re thinking about a new home, then it’s well worth it to consider a semi-custom home in Maryland. Learn more about these homes in our blog. We think you’ll find you agree!


Why should your new home be semi custom?

Why Your New home Should Be a Semi-Custom Home in Maryland

Ok, so first, let’s define a semi-custom home.

A semi-custom home is a home that is based on a template designed by a home builder. The builder offers a number of different templates with different styles and designs for a prospective homeowner to choose from. The buyer choose the template that best fits their needs and wants. The buyer can also tweak the design if they desire. In this way, a semi-custom home in Maryland is basically a cross between a custom home and a production home. It’s based on a template, like a production home, but there are more templates to choose from, and the templates themselves can be adjusted, like a custom home.

So what’s so great about semi-custom homes?

Faster Construction Time

One of the most attractive features of semi-custom homes is that they offer a much faster construction time. This is because the design phase is done even before the project starts. The home templates are ready to build, all you have to do is choose one!

Custom Home Experience

Another great thing about semi-custom homes is that they retain the custom home experience. When you work with a semi-custom home builder in Maryland like Lifetime Series Homes, you’re getting the build quality, customer service, and attention to detail that comes with the custom home experience.

Lots of Designs to Choose From

Lifetime Series Homes offer 14 different home templates to choose from. Our home templates cover a wide range of designs, square footage, and style. Our experience as a semi-custom and custom home builder under the Mueller Homes name has helped us to develop templates that appeal to every buyer’s tastes. Contact us today to learn more!

Lifetime Series Homes: Your Home Builder in Maryland

Lifetime Series Homes is a home builder in central Maryland that offers fast construction of semi-custom homes. To learn more about building your new home with Lifetime Series homes, contact us today at 410-549-4443! You can also keep up with us on our blog as well as on FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest and YouTube.