4 Reasons to Buy a New Home 

Older and pre-owned houses can be charming, but investing in a new house truly allows you to create a home.

In today’s economy, most homebuyers are not in the market for a “fixer upper”. We all have such busy lives, and we need a house to be move-in ready. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of purchasing a new home.


When you build it yourself, your house truly becomes a home.


Buying an old home is like buying a Lego kit that was already put together. You may like certain aspects of it, but there are generally a lot of compromises when you buy a pre-owned home. A new home, however, is like having a full box of Legos just waiting to be built. You decide the tile choices, you decide where the bathrooms will go and you decide the interior and exterior paint choices. Everyone has a unique style, and you really get to turn your house into a home when you add your own personal touches and preferences.

Energy Efficient

Buying older homes generally mean that you are stuck with older appliances. From lighting fixtures, to the ancient dishwasher, older homes can sometimes require a complete renovation to incorporate more energy efficient appliances. You won’t have that issue with a new home. Think about all the newer appliances that could be installed in your new home: washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, furnaces and air conditioning units just to mention a few. You could always have these appliances installed in an older home, but renovations can become very costly.

Fewer Repairs and Low Maintenance

From a deck, to the roofing, older homes can have a large amount of repair needs. Even something as simple as removing the carpet can lead to additional expenses if you find issues with the flooring underneath, but newer homes will offer very few unwanted surprises, if any. Purchasing a home is the biggest investment you will ever make, so it doesn’t make sense to add a bunch of surprise repair costs right after your purchase. Your new home will eventually need repairs and maintenance, but that is not an immediate cost like replacing a rotted deck connected to a pre-owned home.

Warranties on Newer Homes

It’s true that new homes may have unexpected issues here or there, but most builders of new homes will generally offer a warranty for a minimum of one year. There are also certain components of the house that have extended warranties. The builder will pay for the repairs that fall under the warranty, and you won’t be stuck with any unexpected bills.

Are you ready to build your dream home?

Lifetime Series Homes: Your Home Builder in Maryland

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