A Different Kind of Home Builder in Howard County

If you’re looking for a new home building in Howard County, consider a home builder with a different approach to home building. Lifetime Series Homes is a local builder that can offer you faster custom home construction, lot search assistance, and an efficient financing solution. Learn more about how we work in our blog!

Your Home Builder in Howard County: Lifetime Series Homes

Faster Construction

One of the big advantages you get when you work with us is a faster construction time for your home. We achieve this by saving a lot of time on the design phase of the project. How do we do this? We provide you with 14 different home templates to choose from. These home templates are pre-designed, which means the blueprints are ready to go. All you have to do is choose the one that best suits you. You can also provide input to make changes if you desire. All told, this saves us a lot of time that would have been spent designing your home, which allows us to move the process along to construction faster.

Finding the Right Lot

Another area in which we assist our clients is finding the perfect lot for your new home. As a home builder and Howard County and throughout central Maryland, we have access to a number of industry sources for home lots that are not available through public listings. Using our lot search tool, we can work together to find the perfect lot for you. With daily updates to inventory, you’ll always be appraised of the latest findings. Our priority is finding the right lot for you, and finding it in an efficient manner.

Simplifying Financing

We also like to make things easier for our clients by simplifying financing for the project. Using construction-perm financing, we can easily segue from financing the construction of your home to your mortgage. There are a number of benefits of this financing option. For example, you’ll only close once on the project (as opposed to once on the construction and once on the completed home). Learn more about construction-perm financing and the benefits of this payment method here.

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Your New Home Builder in Howard County

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