What is Construction Permanent Financing?

Construction permanent financing is a financing option we offer that handles both the construction and post-construction phases of ownership of your home. This all-in-one financing solution is ideal because it streamlines the financing process with one coordinated plan with only one settlement, instead of two. Learn more about how construction permanent financing works in our blog.

Construction Permanent Financing

During Construction

During construction, the builder uses the construction permanent loan as a line of credit, structured into 6 draws, corresponding to phases of construction. When the builder completes a phase of construction, they will call for the next draw to continue construction. The lender sends an inspector to ensure verify construction is complete up to the next phase, and then releases the funds.

When the home is complete, the remaining 10% of the loan is held back until the use and occupancy permits and other documents are received, at which time the builder receives the final draw.

After Construction

At this point, the loan is converted into permanent financing, and is used to pay the lender for ownership of your home. There are a number of permanent financing options available for this stage.

The Advantages of Construction Permanent Financing

So what does the buyer stand to gain by choosing construction permanent financing? Lot’s of things! Here are some examples.

  • Because you only close once when you purchase the land (as opposed to once on the land and once on the completed house), you stand to save a lot on closing costs and transfer tax. This tax is assessed on the value of the property at closing time, which would be a lot more on a completed lot than it would on an unimproved property.
  • During the construction phase, you’ll only pay interest on the current draw, as opposed to the loan as a whole. This can result in potential tax benefits. Be sure to consult your tax advisor.
  • With construction permanent financing, the builder can use a commercial line of credit to build the home, which is more affordable than the lines of credit usually available to the builder. These costs savings can be passed on to you in a lower sales price.

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