Finding a Home Lot in Maryland

If you’re looking to build your own new home in Maryland is a lot. Finding a home site is necessary but time consuming task. The ideal site, with proximity to work, play, and other family, may be out there, but it’s not likely to reveal itself right away. Furthermore, there are many lots and home sites that exist, but might not be publicly advertised or so easily found. To help you in your Maryland home search, you need a home builder with access to these home sites, and the network to find the site that fits your requirements.

Lifetime Series lot search assistance in Maryland can help you find the perfect home site for you. Using our network of industry contacts throughout the state and access to home site databases, and our own home sites, we can bring you more than 2000 home sites in central Maryland to choose from. You can use our easy lot search assistance form to get started, after which you’ll be contacted by one of our team members within 24 hours.

We’ll start by discussing your budget and examining your criteria for your ideal home lot. We then cross-reference your criteria against our databases, and update the search with new inventory as the process continues. Once we’ve found a site that you’re interested in, we’ll perform a lot evaluation and give you an estimate as to a construction cost. If you’re satisfied, we’ll negotiate the contract and start construction!

If you have your own home site already, Lifetime Series homes can also perform a lot evaluation without cost or obligation to you. For help with your current lot, or for help finding a home lot in Maryland, Lifetime Series Homes is ready to work with you!

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About the Lifetime Series Homes by Mueller Homes

The Lifetime Series Homes by Mueller Homes are a series of semi-custom house designs that were created with the intention of providing home buyers with new option when it comes to shopping for a home. The Lifetimes series includes 14 home templates including, 2 story, first floor master, and ranchers that are pre-designed and ready to build. Because they are ready to build, clients save significant time and money that would have gone into designing a custom home, yet with the Lifetime Series by Muller Homes, clients still get the build quality, attention to detail, and communication that comes with working with a custom home builder. We serve the central Maryland area, and also provide assistance with lot acquisition, evaluation, and home buying finance. Keep up with us on our blog as well as on FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest and YouTube.

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