Five Reasons to Build Your Own Home

If you’re in the market for a new home and are considering building your own home, you should know that there are plenty of great reasons to do so. Building a new home has several distinct advantages over buying a resale, and many of these advantages will last for the duration of the time you own your home.

Five Reasons to Build Your Own Home

  1. Ability to Customize – Building your own home means you’ll get to see the home you really want to live in realized. One of the reasons house-hunting is so difficult is because it’s hard to find the house that has everything you want. When you build your own home, you don’t have to worry about this, because you can build it exactly the way you want.


  1. Energy Efficiency – Building codes are constantly being updated and putting more and more emphasis on energy efficiency. A new house will be significantly more energy efficient even than one built in the early 2000’s. New homes have tighter building envelopes that are better at regulating indoor temperatures, and include features such as energy efficient windows that also help maintain temperatures at a comfortable level indoors. It’s also easier to install the latest energy efficient appliances in a new home than it is to retrofit them in an older home.


  1. Fewer Repairs and Maintenance – Because a new home hasn’t been subjected to years of weather on the outside and normal use on the inside, it will require fewer repairs and maintenance. New building materials are also longer lasting than those used in older homes, which means less maintenance down the road as well. If you do need maintenance in the first year, it’s most likely covered in the builder’s warranty.


  1. Fire Safety – New homes use more fire retardant materials in their construction, giving them more protection against fire. New homes also have hard-wired smoke detectors that run on the house’s electricity as opposed to a battery, making them more reliable.


  1. Financing – Your builder may offer their own financing options such as construction permanent financing, which offer some advantages to the buyer.


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About the Lifetime Series Homes by Mueller Homes

The Lifetime Series Homes by Mueller Homes are a series of semi-custom house designs that were created with the intention of providing home buyers with new option when it comes to shopping for a home. The Lifetimes series includes 14 home templates including, 2 story, first floor master, and ranchers that are pre-designed and ready to build. Because they are ready to build, clients save significant time and money that would have gone into designing a custom home, yet with the Lifetime Series by Muller Homes, clients still get the build quality, attention to detail, and communication that comes with working with a custom home builder. We serve the central Maryland area, and also provide assistance with lot acquisition, evaluation, and home buying finance. Keep up with us on our blog as well as on FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest and YouTube.