What is a Semi-Custom Home?

If you haven’t heard the term semi-custom home before, you’re not alone. Semi-custom homes are one of the latest trends in the home building world, and they’re catching on fast. A semi-custom home gives you the benefits of a custom home with the additional perk of a fast construction time, something which is rarely achieved in custom home building. Learn everything you need to know about semi-custom homes, including how to find a semi-custom home builder in Maryland, in our blog.


What is a Semi-Custom Home?

A semi-custom home is essentially a home that is built using a pre-designed template. The builder has a number of these templates available to cater to different tastes and styles. The buyer can choose which home matches their tastes, and then make small adjustments to suit, or leave it as is. Once any adjustments are made, the home is ready to be built!

What are the advantages of this system?

There are a number of advantages to the semi-custom home/home template system.

Quicker Planning and Design Stages

The planning and design stages account for several months of the total home building process. Designing a home from scratch takes a lot of time. With pre-designed templates, the homes are ready to be built! This means the buyer can save a lot of time during the early stages of the project and get to the construction phase much faster. The end result is that the home gets built in less time than a custom home.

Design from Experience

Home builders like designing homes as much as they like building them. Here at Lifetime Series Homes, we’ve used our many years of experience under the Mueller Homes name to create 14 home templates that incorporate everything we’ve learned in our years of home building. All of our templates include the most popular features and ideal floor plan layouts, so you know that you’re getting a design that is going to satisfy your wants and needs.

Now that you have an idea of what semi-custom homes are all about, contact Lifetime Series Homes and let us tell you even more about why we love semi-custom homes!

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