3 Reasons to Build a New Semi Custom Home in Baltimore County

Are you looking to build a new home in Maryland? Have you considered building a new semi custom home in Baltimore County? In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about some of the great reasons you build a semi custom home, and why you should build it in Baltimore County!


Why should you build your new semi custom home in Baltimore County?

3 Reasons to Build a New Semi Custom Home in Baltimore County

Faster Construction

One of the biggest advantages semi custom homes have over custom homes is their construction time. Semi custom homes are based on design templates that are ready to build. If you want, you can build based on the template with no alterations at all, so you can get right to it! Even if you want to make some adjustments, it still won’t take long to complete the design phase, because most of it has already been completed. The best thing is, you still get the benefits of a custom home, but you don’t have to go through a 4 month design phase!

Baltimore County: Ideal Location

They say the three most important words in real estate are location, location, and location. If this is the place, then Baltimore County is a great place to build. Many people who work in Baltimore City choose to live in the county for a number of reasons. The commute is still reasonable, and the property taxes are not as steep as they are in the city. Living in the county gives you convenient access to the city, with the affordability of county living! And with a great public school system, Baltimore County is one of the most highly desired and most liveable counties in the state of Maryland.

A Brand New Home

There’s something about a brand new home that you just won’t get if you purchase a pre-existing home. Of course there are the tangible benefits, such as improved energy efficiency that will save you money over time, and a brand new warranty to protect your new investment. But there’s also that intangible feeling of being the first family to live in the home. You can feel like your home is truly your own when you build a new semi custom home in Baltimore County!

Lifetime Series Homes: Your Home Builder in Baltimore County

Lifetime Series Homes is a home builder in central Maryland that offers fast construction of semi-custom homes. To learn more about building your new home with Lifetime Series homes, contact us today at 410-549-4443! You can also keep up with us on our blog as well as on FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest and YouTube.

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