Why Templates are the Latest Trend in Custom Homes

Looking for the latest trend in custom home design? Pre-designed home templates are quickly catching on as a trending concept in custom home design and building. What’s a home template you ask? Learn everything you need to know in our blog.

Custom Home Trends: Design Templates

Design templates are essentially a marriage of custom and pre-fabricated homes which gives you the benefits of both.

The home builder enlists its architects to design a number of different homes based on home designs that are popular right now. All of the designs are varied and are created with the stylistic preferences of different homeowners in mind. The end result is a template that shows a home that is ready to be built.

Lifetime Series Homes offers 14 home templates that homebuyers can choose from. Each design is distinct and unique in an of itself, which makes it easy to find the design that’s right for you. Once you choose a design, we can make modifications to suit your needs.

What are the Benefits of Design Templates?

Choice Made Easy

We found that there were a lot of homebuyers out there who wanted a custom home, but weren’t sure how to start on the design. So, we created these design templates that take care of a lot of the work for you and make it easier to visualize what your home will look like.

Faster Building

The design phase of custom home construction takes several months. We’ve essentially eliminated this phase altogether. It takes a lot less time to make a few alterations to a home template than it does to design a home from scratch. This allows us to cut down the build time and get you into your new home faster.

Thoughtful Design From Experience

As a division of Mueller Homes, we’ve built a lot of custom homes in our day. This means we know what designs homeowners like and what’s in demand. We used more than 20 years of experience in designed and building one-of-a-kind homes in Maryland to create these home templates that are a culmination of all our knowledge of custom home design.

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Lifetime Series Homes: Your Home Builder in Maryland

Lifetime Series Homes is a home builder in central Maryland that offers fast construction of semi-custom homes. To learn more about building your new home with Lifetime Series homes, contact us today at 410-549-4443! You can also keep up with us on our blog as well as on FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest and YouTube.

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