What to Consider When Searching for a Home Lot 

As towns become more populated, it gets difficult to find your own spot of land that is untouched. Many purchase pre-constructed homes; already lived-in homes. This may save money but takes away from the idea of building your dream home. Renovations to pre-existing homes can be costly, so sometimes it is best to start fresh if you want specific elements in your home. Searching for a home lot can be a daunting task, so here are our tips for you to keep in mind.

Make sure you know the boundaries of the home lot.

A title company will be able to determine this for you and grant you legitimate rights to the property. This way, you will know how large of a yard you will have after the house is built. Worrying about neighbors will not be an issue if you own the rights to the plot of land. Fall and winter (before it snows) are good times to look at purchasing a home lot because you will be able to see through any trees obstructing your view. This way, you can see how close you are to any other properties. Another benefit to taking a look around the property is to see what you need to remove in order to build a home and possibly a pool and other outdoor living structures in the backyard. If there are a lot of trees, you will have to factor that into your budget.

Find out any and all information about your home lot.

In addition to figuring out the title deed, look up water and sewer codes as well as zoning restrictions. This includes flood-zone lines and wetland areas – you could wind up living near a swamp which would be detrimental to your lawn. Also, some Homeowner’s Associations have certain rules about building in the neighborhood. For example, make sure that you are allowed to have a balcony overtop of the front porch, if that is what you were looking for.

Include the home lot purchase in your overall budget.

Many jump headfirst into the process of building a custom home. They do not realize that many times, a lot needs to be purchased before any work can happen. Factoring in excess brush and forestation to be removed from the property so that building can start is also necessary. Make sure power and sewer lines are able to be put in. You may need a loan to purchase the land – and many lending companies require a 50% or more down-payment.

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